helena clare pittman

I’m mesmerized by the mystery of the process: putting down paint, then being caught up in some knowing within me that organizes raw elements into something beautiful, or strong, or astonishing in its power of image.

Grande Jatte and Apricot<br />oil on wood Roses and Powder Can on Blue<br />oil on wood Peonies on White Cloth<br />oil on wood Spray Roses and Degas<br />oil on wood Orange on Seurat Landscape<br />oil on wood Apple, Rose and Horse<br />oil on wood Apple on Monet<br />oil on wood Roses, Buttons, Apples and Degas<br />oil on wood, 2 panels Roses and Apple on Redon's Flowers<br />oil on wood, 2 panels Plum, Lily, My Father's Camera<br />and Degas<br />oil on canvas Roses and Hoitsu's Persimmons<br />oil on wood, 2 panels Turnips, Radish, Bonnard and Braque<br />oil on wood Apple on Braque<br />oil on wood Roses, Apples, Monet<br />oil on wood Spray Roses and Pear<br />on Seurat's Grande Jatte<br />oil on wood Galen's Rose on Modigliani<br />oil on wood Apple on Cezanne<br />oil on wood Apples and Roses on Jo's Van Gogh<br />oil on wood, 2 panels Roses and Monet's Hay Stacks<br />oil on canvas Roses, Cezanne and Rouault<br />oil on wood Roses on Hopper<br />oil on wood Carnations and Seurat<br />oil on wood Spray Roses and Plums<br />oil on Masonite Galen's Rose and Manet<br />oil on wood Daisies and Apple on Degas<br />oil on canvas Roses and My Father's Camera<br />oil on canvas Sweet and Salty<br />oil on illustration board Anemonies, Lunch Boxes and Brownie<br />oil on canvas Roses in Blue Pitcher<br />oil on wood Apples and Oranges<br />oil on canvas Still Life against Studio Window<br />oil on wood Sweet Williams<br />oil on wood Roses against Lunch Box<br />oil on wood Roses on Milli's Embroidery<br />oil on wood Daffodils and Lady Apples<br />oil on wood Airplane and Apples<br />oil on wood White Peony and Pear<br />oil on wood Roses in a Jar<br />oil on canvas Pink and White Roses<br />oil on Masonite Onions and Roses<br />oil on wood Roses in a Dark Vase<br />oil on collaged canvas Peonies, Apples and Teapot<br />oil on wood Red Peony and Teapot<br />oil on wood Teapot and Plums<br />oil on adhered canvas